In his condemnation of American hero Chris Kyle, in the hugely successful movie: “American Sniper” Moore stepped into it twice. Once when he called Kyle a coward and again when he clarified his remark by comparing him to the murderer of Martin Luther King Jr. Moore is disgustingly anti-American.

No one can love a country then try to diminish it by condemning it’s military. It’s like supporting America but hating the police. Moore isn’t too bright. He can’t take care of his own body. He has rolls of fat oozing out of his shirt collar and hanging over his waist. He detests Capitalism but loves his own money. He sees no contradiction there nor between his hate against America while taking maximum advantage of it’s freedom’s. He prefers Cuba because he thinks it has a better medical system.

Jane Fonda travelled to North Vietnam when America was at war with them and she went out of her way to don a military helmet and sit in the seat of an anti-aircraft gun that was used to shoot down Americans in their aircraft. For that traitorous act she was branded a traitor, a label she has been proud to continue to use in her hatred of America. Moore is guilty of the same mistake as Fonda. Both betrayed America. Both are unapologetic traitors. Both should be condemned.

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