Because people differ according to their individual abilities. Suppose for example a very poor child has math skills. They would do well in math. Same for a rich kid with math skills. Being rich or poor is not a determinant of math ability. Move a rich kid with math skills to a poor family or a school in a poor area and they will do well in math.

Why does Reuters make a case that the intellectual ability of children takes a back seat to their social position? Because it supports the false narrative that achievement depends on one’s social position and intellectual ability doesn’t exist.

Think that’s wrong? Reuters admits at the end of their report that “they also did not have information on parental intellectual ability”. Neither did they have any information at all about the abilities of any of the children in their so-called “report”. Why not? Because they wanted to support the false narrative that intellect has nothing to do with “Kindergarden Skills”.(Here).

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