Obama hates America so much that he pulled the military out of the war on terror before it was won so it was lost for America; won by the Terrorists and it placed the free world in danger. Paris was proof Obama didn’t get it. The Terrorists assassinated innocent people and 4 million people showed up to demonstrate their outrage at the atrocities. As Egyptian President el-Sisi said about the terrorists: “you are antagonizing the world”.

American Sniper” proves President Bush was right to invade and conquer Iraq because that’s where the terrorists are.

The movie isn’t about “The War” even though most of the story happens during the war in Iraq. The protagonist, one Chris Kyle, is an elite SEAL who is an expert shot with a rifle so he’s made a sniper. He becomes so successful the enemy puts a bounty on his life. The story was made into a movie that’s so moving that viewers are brought to tears and applaud Chris Kyle for his life.

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