Ilana Mercer wrote:”…Barry Soetoro is a Frankenstein of America’s creation who didn’t build what he has; he got it by grant-of-government privilege.” That means the President is not what he seems to be. He is posing. He’s a prop for the Liberal Left Wing of America, the people who support and practice Predatory Socialism. They scream for benefits in the name of whatever low part of society they can find because they whip it into tax supported grants to themselves. That’s the meaning of “grant-of government privilege”. Barry didn’t pay his own way. Neither did his parents nor his grandparents pay for his life; the taxpayers of America did but they never had a choice because Liberals in Government forced Affirmative Action on America.

Does that make the President a Frankenstein? Yes, of course because he has a “created mind” unable to think in terms of being President of America. At least not as far as unifying the people and getting America together. He stands for American Apartheid, the separation of people by race that was invented then eliminated in Mercer’s birthland, South Africa.

South Africa is a beautiful, bountiful place that’s economically metastable like a cone balanced on the pointy end. It’s OK at the moment but soon it will fall over. The 200 plus different tribes agree on one thing. White people do not belong in South Africa. So does Obama.

Test Obama’s ideas against that bias. They make perfect sense but they are not based on a man working to make America better. Obama want’s life for black people to improve by making life harder for non-black people. Obama is a Frankenstein. Too bad he’s not the champion of all races in America.

Is that dangerous? You bet. Because of Political Correctness, Obama has never issued a terrorist alert. He doesn’t want to help brand the terrorists terrorists. Unfortunately, terrorism kills. That’s something else Obama doesn’t understand and that’s another reason Obama, Political Correctness and Predatory Socialism are a danger to individuals.

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