Both are wrong but crony capitalism can be stopped by separating the crony’s from the Capitalists. That’s can’t be done with predatory Socialism because predators are an intrinsic part of Socialism. Socialists don’t want to pay. They want “Society” to pay. That way they pay a tiny little bit but the rest of the people pay full price for their program like Affirmative Action or health care for everyone.

Socialism needs corrupt people with the desire to bully people to get into government and pass laws that seem to benefit everyone, like Social Security but not only does everyone else have to pay for those who don’t pay, the cost of the program are amplified because of government waste, corruption and cronyism.

Capitalism is the opposite. People pay for what they get. If they can’t afford it they don’t get it. Sounds harsh but the reality is that it’s far cheaper to do things in a free market than when bureaucrats run things.

Capitalism needs two things. A government to protect individuals and laws that protect the free market. Socialism needs victims and it creates two types. Those who are victimized by paying too much and those who are charged for things they don’t get.

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