“We are powerfully imprisoned in these Dark Ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.” So wrote Buckminster Fuller in “Cosmography” (1992).

Terrorists are not like “us”. That’s why they’re Terrorists. They are imprisoned by the terms in which they have been conditioned to think. They cannot escape their minds. No sane person can but in the cases of the Terrorists they have several layers of detritus covering their ability to reason.

Just because they look the same as you doesn’t mean they think like you or us. Us meaning The West and all cultures which follow similar ideas. What are the ideas of The West? Liberty and Limited Government. Only America has the exceptional idea that Liberty means Individual Liberty. Same for the idea of Limited government. Most cultures impose and accept some limits on government. America is exceptional because all government in America is limited by the Federal Constitution.

Radio Talker Dom Giordano, who should know better, wants the Police to be exempt from getting warrants before entering a house as long as they are searching for Terrorists. The Federal Constitution demands warrants. Giordano must not understand why warrants are needed before a search. It’s because of Limited Government. Why is American Government limited? Because government has the monopoly use of force so the force must be controlled by a different authority. That authority would be a judge and although judges can be tricked by police, most judges can see through the subterfuge. Police need Warrants before searches. There is an exception. Police in “Hot Pursuit” may invade private property but even then they must obtain a warrant after the incident.

Terrorists are evil people because of their nurture. The tree is inclined the way the sapling is bent. Terrorists become evil unless there’s an intervention in their early years. The early ideas inform their later lives.

Terrorists are not born. they are trained, and taught until they learn their hate. A long chain of ideas cause an individual to be a terrorist against their nature. Their wrong values are learned. Their hate changes their natures. They become rogue human’s who refuse to answer reason’s call.

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