He should not attend the funeral of Michael Brown. No one from the White House should either because it will prove bias on the part of the Federal Government. President Obama did not attend funerals that he should have attended so he has reason not to attend this one.

There’s entirely too much racial tension in Ferguson and in the nation so the funeral of Michael Brown will need lots of police and possibly military personal to protect the attendees as well as the community. It’s ironic that the police of Ferguson will provideĀ  protection for the attendees of the Michael Brown funeral, along with theĀ Missouri State Police. The National Guard and even the U.S. military may be needed too.

The presence of and the participation of members of the federal executive offices will exacerbate the racial tensions over this issue. Racism won’t be cured anytime soon so the presence of law enforcement even if it means the United States military may be required. Likewise the protection of officer Wilson and his family must continue.

There is nothing good coming out of the issue of Ferguson. The tension surrounding conversations about race are elevated and more dangerous because of the heavy presence of the federal government in the investigation. There are reasonable people everywhere and they outnumber the unreasonable ones but there are a great number of biased and excited people too and the mere number of possible agitated demonstrators means tempers must be quelled before an elemental discussion of race would be possible. Race, racism and reverse racism are here to stay. Reasonable people better recognize that because it could be dangerous not to.

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