The Middle East is on fire and staying out of the United States thanks to Obama’s brilliant strategy to get the Middle East on Fire to keep the terrorists out of the United States.

To keep Syria burning Obama sent arms to Benghazi for the rebels in Syria. Different rebels attacked the Benghazi arms cache but so what? The arms went to people who will keep the Middle East burning. Same in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

America cannot arm the rebels do Obama sets up warehouses with arms and lets the terrorists steal them. Voila! Mission accomplished. More arms to rebels in the Middle East. More fighting in the Middle East, no time for the terrorists to attack America, Europe and Israel. Brilliant ! 

Creating civil wars with the terrorists helps keep America, Europe and especially Israel safe. From Tripoli all the way to Kabul the terrorists are keeping busy which keeps them out of America. Brilliant.

Of course the strategy was started by President Bush but credit where credit’s due; Obama has been following the road map and improving the plan.

Hillary almost ruined the Keep the Middle East Burning strategy by doing nothing for four years. She was so intent to fly around to keep away from Bill that she spent four years in free jet planes so she had no time to actually do some Secretary of State work. Here too, Obama’s cleverness was at work keeping Hillary useless for four years thereby helping Hillary lose her chance to be President. Brilliant!



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