They do not see the United States. Their vision is separate but equal Homelands for every nationality, gender and creed. Assimilation is verboten. One Nation too. Progressives see how successful the New Nation of South Africa has been since the white’s gave up power and Nelson Mandela took over. Whites are in danger and not just in South Africa. Rhodesia, taken over by Robert Mugabe has murdered the farmers and taken over their farms. The farms have been returned to nature because terrorists aren’t farmers.

Rhodesia, once a thriving bi-racial nation that had so much food that is exported 90% of it but Mugabe took over Rhodesia and re-named  it “Zimbabwe”  and it can no longer feed itself. That’s what’s been going on in South Africa since Mandela became President and moved South Africa far to the left.

America is moving in that direction.

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