Anti-American to the core, the prophets of the Left; the Progressives; the Liberals and the political classes like to wallow in self-sacrifice and misery. One of their inventions has been the destruction of the human male as expressed in “A Woman Needs A Man Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle”. How amazingly false. How superbly accepted. How wrong. Women need men. A woman needs a man. A female needs a male. Biology being what it is verifies that, however, biology is not the end of it. Humans are intellectual. A woman doesn’t need every man, she needs one or perhaps one at a time especially when she listens to her heart instead of her mind. People make great decisions most of the time but they also can make mistakes and fall in love with the wrong male. Same for men.

Divorce is needed for the mistakes and for the changes that happen among people. Simpatico usually lasts a lifetime and that’s the target and the way to bet but sometimes simpatico goes to splits-ville, -sometimes so fast people wonder what just happened.  

The Left see’s it different. The Left encourages mistakes. Progressives excuse irrational behavior instead of correcting it. Hooking up; Wham-Bam, Thank You Ma’am, see you never, have become so common the ideas are well accepted but they’re still false. The Left hates fathers almost as much as they hate the American revolution.

But men are here to stay. Women do need men, at least one at a time and biology directs the brain towards Mr. Right. Heterophobes happen just not as often as Heterophilliacs. Good.

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