Dereliction of Duty, meaning failure to protect the lives of American Citizens from people who refuse to follow the rules and cross the borders of America without approval is only one of the ways now President Obama has derelected his duty. The abuse or violation of some public trust was described by Alexander Hamilton as a political offense. Nevertheless, in the case of many of the issues surrounding President Obama it’s also an impeachable offense.

“No serious person can deny that President Obama has abused and violated the public trust. The list is long and it continues to grow. Not protecting the borders is more than sufficient to qualify as an impeachable offense. If that’s not impeachable then nothing is and if he’s not impeachable, then no one is.” That was said by Sarah Palin and reported by Breitbart News who also it was reported said “We Don’t Do Kings”.

Good for Sarah for thinking and saying that but at this moment President Obama is acting like a king and getting away with it.

From his two books we know Obama hates Great Britain because of his father and his grandfather who was tortured in 1949 by the British. He hates America because he wrongly, disgustingly, believes white people hate black people.

He may seem like a pacifist but he supports Islam by stealth because he either is a Muslim in secret or is a Muslim acting like he’s a Christian which is worse than simply being a Muslim in secret. He will not actively support any Western Nation or culture and he secretly supports the Muslim culture, ideas, belief’s and people against Christians and The West.

His secret policy towards America is to destroy it. His actions are better explained by that policy than any other.

He’s smart, quick, educated and trained well to work against the governments of America. A fifth columnist in the spirit of the Mau-Mau and Lenin. His connection to Lenin is thru his crackpot mother who supported the Left. He learned about American politics from Frank Marshal Davis and his maternal grandparents.

Dinesh D’Souza has his number and explains it well in “America” his latest movie which is an anti-Obama film asks “what would the world be like without her?” He doesn’t answer that but he interviews lots  of anti-American’s including nut-jobs Bill Ayres and Ward Churchill.

President Obama has been helping the Muslims by secretly arming them which is part of the Benghazi cover-up. Loads of weapons being shipped into Syria were stored on the Benghazi consulate. He helped the Muslims in Libya, Iraw, Gaza and Egypt

He helped Putin behind the scenes to illegally grab The Crimea from Ukraine and he will continue to help Putin by stealth to take Eastern Ukraine.

Will Putin move on Poland next? Probably too much to bite off but The Baltics must look like easy pickings to him except for the fierce anti-Russian sentiment there, at least in Lithuania. But it’s off to the Gulag’s for them and the world will stop importing Russian dolls and Russian cars for awhile but no one will support the Baltics. It’s difficult to predict what he’ll do next to worsen America but from his history it will be bad.


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