Notice how he responds when someone disagrees with him. He displays irritation when he’s challenged.

That’s a classic response of the narcissist personality. That’s abnormal. Well adjusted people not only can listen to and answer criticism, they sometimes laugh when they realize they acted far from normal.  Not Obama. He gets surly.

He’s a very insecure man and his insecurity follows from his knowledge of his past inabilities.

Obama is not particularly smart. Nor is he stupid but he is full of rage.

His judgment is faulty like when he said he could have been Travon or invited black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates to the White House so the police office who arrested him could apologize.That went poorly when the white officer explained why he was right to arrest professor.

From: “The Psychology of Obama”: “Insecure people, once given power will use it as a wrecking ball to reduce the anxiety they invariably feel for being placed in a situation where they’re fundamentally incapable of performing. This is why Obama comes across with such an arrogant, quasi-dictatorial sense of entitlement.”


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