He’s a trained agitator, not a man who can unite. Sowing the seeds of “Us Against Them” everywhere he can, he’s living the dreams of his father, mother and grandfather.

Following the principles of Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama is a living monument to discord. He’s one of those people who can break things apart and as Alinsky instructed, collect benefits to stop. Barack knows there’s money in mayhem. It’s called Blackmail and every bully knows how to work the swindle. Obama, unfortunately was handed the awesome power of The Presidency and regrettably even the naïve who voted for him,  now regret it and him.

Barack is the wrong man in the wrong culture at the wrong time in history. He’s not only in the bully tradition of Alinsky but many of the other dictators in history. Too bad for the United States that he’s a America’s first tyrant. Too bad for the rest of the world too.

Instead of uniting Americans he’s been busy pulling America apart with his polarizing ideas, speeches, and actions.

Allowing a soft invasion of immigrants to undercut American jobs, Obama is following Alinsky’s playbook. Disrupt – then collect blackmail money. Upset the existing order to force others to pay for you to stop your disruption.  

Americans can fight back. The States may throw off their torpor. The citizens may awaken. The tyrant may be stopped.

As America moves further into chaos Barack Obama’s dreams will meet the resistance of normal Americans who have no beef with tolerance and no tolerance of tyranny.



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