If you claim a law violates your religion you do not have to obey the law says the U.S. Supreme Court.

The decision by SCOTUS in Hobby Lobby outlaws four drugs that can be referred to as Abortion Causing Drugs. There are two drugs, (ELLA and Plan “B”) and two “devices”, (Copper IUD’s and IUD’s coated with progestin).

Hobby Lobby claims their religion prevents them from paying for Abortion Causing Drugs.

SCOTUS uses a false conclusion to ban Abortion, that a fertilized egg is a person.

A fertilized egg which has failed to implant is considered a person by the Roberts court. That conclusion is identical with ruling a person is a corpse or a cow is filet mignon. The difference between a baby and a fetus is vast. Even more different is a fertilized egg and a baby.

At fertilization, that is when the entire sperm is finally inside an egg, a woman is not pregnant. How much time does it take for a fertilized egg to begin to actually make a woman pregnant? Well in the cases of spontaneous abortions, forever. Fertilization is to pregnancy as iron ore is to iron.

SCOTUS is nine people plus an unknown number of assistants, mostly very good lawyers in addition to the rest of the staff including even the maintanence people, all of whom are needed to continue the existence of SCOTUS. How could they make such a moral error? Because of their belief.

SCOTUS is supposed to be objective. It’s supposed to be impartial. It’s supposed to be right. It failed and in this particular failure many, many women will have their lives ruined by an unwanted pregnancy. Some women will be driven to suicide as their minds snap because of their dread of being pregnant. SCOTUS should have but failed to consider suicide. It’s not in their decision.

Neither did SCOTUS consider the damages done by unwanted pregnancies. For some few women who may not be driven to suicide their lives will be worse with an unwanted child.

Not all women are good mothers. Successful pregnancies often produce children who are incompatible with one or both of their parents. How worse is life for these children and how beneficial is would be if their mother had never become pregnant. Sound cruel? Perhaps it is cruel but nature is often cruel and in reality such people exist and it is a moral value for those women to never get pregnant. SCOTUS has now forced them to get and remain pregnant with no thought about the real live horrors attendant to their diminished lives. How brutal.  

Abortion is a procedure to control a woman’s destiny. Who should make such decisions? SCOTUS decided SCOTUS has the power to prevent a woman from doing what often happens naturally, letting a fertilized egg not attach itself to a woman’s body.

ELLA and Plan “B” are also called after rape drugs because when administered after a rape they can prevent an illegal pregnancy.

What is an “ILLEGAL PREGNANCY”? One that occurs because of a rape because rape is against the law.

The SCOTUS decision to support illegal pregnancy defies reality which is there exist many ways to support a woman’s desire to abort. Abortion is good for the individual woman. It is a narrowly held religious belief that abortion is immoral and SCOTUS wrongly decided to use that very narrow religious belief to continue to work against the decision by an individual woman.

The Hobby Lobby decision will simple drive abortion underground. A black market in morning after drugs  will be caused by this wrong SCOTUS decision just like drinking went underground when it was banned.

The present SCOTUS is far too religious. It is similar to the use of religion in the Middle East to control the lives of individual women for the benefit of men.

Being against women has a long, sad history. None of the three major religions support woman’s rights. All three religions and countless lesser religions continue to subjugate women. How barbaric.

Why do religions relegate women to inferior status?

Why does SCOTUS?

Fox is more clever. It hires women to speak against abortion. They support SCOTUS and others who want to control women by removing some of their control over their own bodies. Some women who speak against abortion have had abortions. Can they rationalize the contradiction of speaking against abortion while keeping their abortion secret? Sure. It’s human nature to rationalize. It’s also possible for people to deceive themselves.

It’s clear SCOTUS want’s to eliminate legal abortion and even illegal pregnancies won’t stop them. How barbaric.


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