So said the Wizard of Oz when Toto, Dorothy’s dog pulled down the curtain separating the Wizard from Dorothy and her three friends. A real curtain has come down in America.

The President of the United States lives in a bubble, similar to the Wizard’s life in the fictional movie but the bubble isn’t fiction and the motives of President Obama have been discovered to have been as false as the fictional wizards.

Before being elected to the Presidency Senator Barack Obama was thought of as an American. During his presidential campaign and after his election that thought remained but it’s changed. President Obama is no longer seen as a supporter of America. Nor is he seen to be seen as a protector of Individual Rights.

The assessment these days is he’s damaged America. Most people are anxious to watch his successor take charge so their lives can return to supporting the President. Most Americans want the president to protect them as individuals and to support the America that really exists.

Americans are patriots. There are patriots all over the world. They love and respect their country. There are however many who hate America and many inside America that have inculcatedĀ a hatred of America similar to that expressed by Obama supporters Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Professor Bill Ayers, founder of The Weather Underground who still harbors his hatred for and of America. the movie “AMERICA” actually includes real time interviews with many of them.

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