Stay away from Rutgers.

With apologies to the very few Americans who invited a spectacular American, Dr. Condoleezza Rice to address the graduating class of Rutgers, Rutgers became an example of post-Iraq War polarization in US politics, where protesters were able to squelch an esteemed American from speaking. The teachers led the students who showed the Board of Trustees who controls the Rutgers Campus. 

The Board of Trustees should resign for incompetence because they could not provide a benign environment for Dr. Rice. The teachers who joined with demonstrators should be fired or resign. They demonstrated their antipathy to education by blocking Dr. Rice’s address.

First they violated the Western idea of Innocent until proven guilty. Dr. Rice has not been charged with a crime yet the under-informed teachers claimed she is a war criminal. Preposterous.

Second, they demonstrated an anti-woman, racist, Un-Constitutional anti-free speech position on an American college campus. That calls into question the value of a Rutgers education that is decidedly one sided, stubborn and not worth the time.

Anyone with a diploma from Rutgers should sue for breach of contract.

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