Ok, he’s not stupid you say? Then ask him to explain why he’s criticizing PA Governor Tom Corbett?

Strouse is the congressional candidate the National Democratic Party moved from Washington D.C. to Bucks County. In the words of Bucks Democrat candidate Shaunessy Naughton; she said when she announced her candidacy in May, according to the Intelligencer.

The decision to import a carpetbagger was a big mistake for the D.C. Democrats.

Then the Bucks Democrats elected Strouse to run as a bucks County Cnadidate when he’s just another Washington D. C. left wing ideologue.

Strouse proved his intellectual confusion when he picked on Gov. Corbett who has nothing to do with Washington D.C. politics.

That’s three big mistakes right at the beginning of his campaign so we can expect to hear more nonsense from Strouse as the campaign gets going.

Governor Corbett opposes drilling in State Parks. He signed an Executive Order to prevent it. Instead, the governor forced Natural Gas Drillers to set up their drills outside the parks.

That preserves our parks while guaranteeing the drillers can get to the much needed Natural Gas by drilling sideways.

That increases the cost of drilling but it preserves the parks. Good solution.

Gov. Corbett’s decision helps America use less foreign oil and at the same time increases America’s position in the world by increasing our supply of American Natural Gas. A Triple Win for the Governor.

Meanwhile, United States Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick proved he’s ahead of Strouse on Natural Gas Drilling. The able Congressman notified the Governor that he was against what Strouse is for, drilling on State Parkland instead of under it.

Congressman Fitzpatrick knows the high value of Natural gas in the international market. The Congressman’s decision helps the people of far off Ukraine stand up to the Russian Dictator Vlad Putin who has threatened to shut off Ukraine’s natural gas which Russia delivers via pipelines in Ukraine.

What a set of mistakes Strouse made. First, he’s not running for governor. Second he opposes the governor’s nuanced solution to increasing the supply of American Natural Gas while third, protecting our state parks.  Fourth, why does he think it’s a good idea to drill for natural Gas on State Park Land?

What is wrong with this guy?

Strouse has some good credentials but not for Congress and especially not compared to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who is a Bucks County native and who is head and shoulders above Strouse.

Mike Fitzpatrick is familiar with the people of Bucks, their problems and with issues of Bucks County.  Strouse is Washington D.C.’s candidate, not Bucks County’s.

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