It’s not as simple as picking one or the other. It’s impossible for a war to be either good or bad. A war has no possible morality.

A war cannot make choices. War doesn’t have a set of values. Values and virtues are attributes of people.

People justify or condemn a war. Leaders take countries into war. The power to control a nation or a culture can be seen in Israel where one side is a nation, the other is a culture.

Can a nation defeat a culture? Can a culture win a war?

Consider China where Mao conducted a guerilla war and defeated a nation. Same for Cuba.

The opposite effect happened in Crimea where a nation defeated all another nations.

But a war can be evil. Usually the winners get to pick whether a war was good or evil. When a war is lost it’s evil.

John Lennon’s impossible war, the one where no one came, is the stuff of fairy tales. In this universe; this reality; at this time, people come to wars.

It’s fashionable among the fantasy crowd to condemn the United States for assassinating innocent civilians and to use extra reasons like Bush Invaded Iraq and the enemy is complacency but that’s just piling on. Either 9/11 caused the invasion of Iraq or not. Most people know it did.

Despite the propaganda of the Left that Bush Invades an innocent country or the propaganda of the Right that America must destroy Islam because of 9/11, the justification of both 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq will never happen.

The Dam Busting “Bouncing Bomb” was good in England and evil in Germany where the floods were sort of like the London Blitz.

War has no morality.


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