Published in November, 2013 History Writer James Holland provides a load of information about a project to win the war by stopping Germany’s ability to make war equipment.

Dam Busters Book

The purpose of dams is to make electricity. The Germans referred to their dam’s as “White Coal”.

The idea to destroy German Dam’s was to stop the production of war material. Tanks, Submarines, etc.

Germany planned on Blitzkrieg, fast attacks and quick occupation of a country. They didn’t plan for a long war so they didn’t build four engine bombers to deliver large bomb loads. Great Britain developed the Lancaster bomber to carry a 22,000 pound bomb.

Author James Holland tells fascinating stories about the ideas and the people behind them that came together to do what was thought impossible, destroy a dam. The book is well written in British English which is almost identical with American English.

There is much more than one story here. Holland has researched the project that created the special type of bomb that would destroy a gravity dam. He pulls back the curtain and includes many of the people who signed up for the secret project. His book is a set of stories.

Well written and the stories are well told.

It’s a very interesting and appealing book. Well worth reading. Well worth the time.

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