The President Judge of Bucks County resigned to run for District Attorney. A District Attorney who was a President Judge has enormous credibility when he speaks on matters of Law.

 Although the DA admitted he was and perhaps still is friends with the parents of an Upper Makefield Supervisor who he investigated and cleared of Criminal Assault by the Judge/DA, the DA said his office would approve the Summary charge of Harassment

If a citizen is told the DA would approve a Summary Offense it’s like getting the decision in advance.

What’s a Summary offense? Is it a crime?

Look at a Traffic Ticket. It’s a criminal charge. Traffic Violations other than DUI and a few other charges are Summary Offences. A Summary Offense is one of the three types of Crimes: Felony, Misdemeanor and Summary Offences.

The DA posted a link to view the video that shows a Supervisor, Dan Rattigan, shaking a private citizen, Guy Polhemus, who was seated outside the meeting. to non-law enforcement types it appears to be an aggravated assault. The DA called it Harassment. Sure, and it was more than just harassment. It was more than an assault.

When a victims head is being shaken back and forth several times, well, …. if that’s not more than the minimum required by Pennsylvania’s Statutes, what is?

Heckler said evidence in the video does not substantiate charges. 


“The events depicted in the videotape make it impossible for me to take seriously his claim that he was struck by Mr. Rattigan and experienced significant pain either during the incident or later,” Heckler said in a statement. “I specifically reference his failure to move or react, even to the extent of uncrossing his legs throughout and after the alleged ‘assault’ as well as his posture, hand and movements, which were relaxed, reflecting no sign of pain or distress.” 


Really? “His failure to move”? His head was being moved back and forth by Dan Rattigan.  “Failure to uncross his legs? How could he when Dan Rattigan was standing in the way of Mr. Polhemus and blocking his ability to even move his legs?

In addition the statutes make no mention of pain in the definition of aggravated assault. Read it yourself. See Title  18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2702. See if there’s any mention of pain and if there is not, ask why the DA used that as a criteria to justify Supervisor Dan Rattigan’s actions on the tape.


What would the DA conclude if the victim was a police officer? How about if Mr. Polhemus was a Judge?


Are there more than just two sets of standards in operation here? Or is it an indication that the DA needs to have his glasses changed?




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