The non-scientists and the non-meterologists know about but ignore the concept of “WEATHER”.

Weather is the change that comes from the combination of the atmospheric drag as the planet rotates but the atmosphere, aka “The Air” lags behind, that is it doesn’t rotate on it’s own because it isn’t part of “The Planet”.

The motion of the planet is complicated beyond the mathematical ability of most people. For example it leans towards then away from the sun a total of 47 degrees a year. That causes the sun to shine on the poles than prevents the sun from shining there. It’s called winter and summer. Winter is colder than summer and summer is warmer than winter but it’s not called “Global Warming. It’s called “The Seasons” and that also causes changes in the air temperature but the seasons are not called Climate Change. They’re called Weather.

The “Planet” is the roughly spherical object aka “The Earth”. The atmosphere is the gas that is above the earth but not connected to the planet.

The “Air” is affected by loads of chemicals. For example, hair spray which is inside a small cylindrical can, is propelled by gas. If the gas is not dissipated it could harm something but the possibility of a gas not being dissipated is 0%. Even if every can of hair spray was sprayed into the atmosphere at the same time the propellant would be dissipated immediately. No harm, no foul, right?


Animals are not connected to the planet. They walk on it. They stand on it and they use it but they are not part of it. Animals mostly use the air to exist. Some animals use the air to remove poison from themselves. Some animals use water. They are called “Fish”. Animals use oxygen for several things including to assist poisons to leave the body. Oxygen is produced in great quantities by organisms that also live on the planet. They are trees and other plants which do not use oxygen. They use carbon dioxide to remove poisons and secrete oxygen.

That’s called “a cycle”. The cycle has been assisted by the efforts of humans which control other humans and forbid them to live on Federal Land. The Federal Land produces trees which produce oxygen. Excess Federal Land is unused. Unused land produces trees which produce unused oxygen which enters the air. 

Many more unused  trees have been produced on unused Federal Land which produces too much (unused) oxygen. Oxygen produces weather. Too much oxygen cures climate change through thermodynamic, aerodynamic and aeronautical process assisted by too much energy from “The Sun”. The sun heats the planet. More sun; more trees; more oxygen and more of everything except highly intelligent life. Really dumb intelligent life as a group are called “Morons”.

Morons produce bad ideas and derive false conclusions. Morons call Weather “Climate Change”. That’s why they are called morons. Morons produce Climate Change. Intelligent people call it weather.

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