Soon to be defeated Supervisor Deon should get the rarely used Poor Sport Award from every professional politician in Bucks. He thinks attacking an opponent after the election is the thing to do. That’s what he did. He made numerous deragotory comments about my little “DUMP DEON” signs which almost defeated his re-election attempt. I used five different signs. Deon re-used signs from six years ago. That’s why they were stained and rumpled. He only put up a few but most were put up at crazy angles. All my signs were neatly erected, close to the ground so they didn’t impose on the viewer and they were the only red signs for any local candidate.  Seventy five percent were stolen by the opposition before the election. Those that were not stolen by the opposition stayed level and because they were made of heavy weight material the wind didn’t blow them down like the plastic bag signs Deon used. They are called “BAG SIGNS” because they are made from garbage bag material. How appropiate. Bags that stand for garbage made from garbage bags. I used five different well designed signs in my campaign. Most were torn down, ripped up or defaced before the election. Guess the opposition thought there were too effective so they destroyed them. Poor sports that they are.

Deon could not bring himself to at least shake hands after the election. Instead he was in full hate. mode but you need not take my word for it, read his comments in the Courier. Hateful behavior, in addition to perhaps betraying some underlying psychotic issues can lead to revenge which is why the adults let the football, hockey and all other kids who play amatuer sports calm themselves down after the game and shake hands with their opponents. 

In adults rage can elevate the blood pressure which can cause heart attacks and strokes. Not good. For Deon’s own welfare we have to help ease him out of office.    

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