The “Fastest Way to end a war is to lose it”. Fighting always means a longer war. Surrender was Ukraine’s only option. Fighting alone against Russia was crazy and Ukrainians are not crazy.
Ukraine was essentially abandoned by the West who had no desire to fight Russia and Putin over a land which meant almost nothing at all to the West.
It was a symbolic victory for Vlad Putin, ably assisted by PBH Obama, John Kerry who has a title but no courage and VP Biden who has just about nothing desirable. He should be advertising American Dental Solutions.
So much for the destruction of the idea that “Diversity Is Strength”. Ukraine, like a lot of other nations knows Diversity Is A Source Of Deep Rage. Diversity upsets loads of people who don’t want to associate with perceived or actual enemies. The Liberals foolishly say that “Our Diversity Is Our Strength”. Do they know that’s false? Diversity in a culture leads to problems. Unsolved problems lead to anger. Anger leads to fighting.

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