America’s first Dictator, Barack Obama was duly elected by the people. For now, he’s the President of the United States, but he’s not defending and protecting the Constitution. He’s using it as cover to destroy the American culture from within. This is serious. As David Limbaugh wrote in two books, Obama is a danger to America and a man intent on destroying the values and virtues of the United States.

A leader needs people to trust and to fear him. They must trust him to keep his promises and they must fear him or they will not obey his laws. President Obama has been making and enforcing his own versions of many laws. He studied and taught Constitutional Law at Harvard so he has a large constitutional tool kit to use to force the American culture to change as he was taught by his parents. Change to what?

Why does President Obama want to change America? Because he begins with the premise that America is bigoted against minorities; has been Imperialistic; has used the military to impose unwanted values on other countries and cultures and has been a poor member of the United Nations. Arguing from his premises he has paid the United Nations all that he could. Previous American Presidents knew the U.N. did not always act according to Democratic principles so he decided, single-handedly, (the Senate does not have to approve his International actions), so they decided not to pay the huge amounts of money demanded by the United Nations. President Obama paid those monies.  

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