Socialism wants everyone to finish car races at the same time. Winning is discouraged by the rules. The cost to win eliminates all smaller competitors. The cost to race has become enormous because in addition to carrying along what’s needed to win, the winner has to make sure the losers are given lots of  unfair advantages .

Car racing is pure Capitalism that rewards the best. Socialists oppose faster cars and they want everyone to slow down which is the main purpose of the “Rules”. The current rules eliminate the smaller and middle class of competitors as the costs skyrocket to President Obama levels.

Car drivers must be registered Republicans who want to win. Rule makers are like Democrats who want equal outcomes. Instead of producing the fastest car the rulemakers want every car to run at the same speed, otherwise they would stop finding ways to impose rules to slow down the cars. Formula One engines have been forced to get smaller by the Rules. So the cars became more dangerous because they were designed lighter to go fast with less and less power meaning they are less safe than bigger cars although the ingenious engineers and designers worked hard to make the cars safer and safer to protect the driver, an Independent Individual, not a bunch of Leftist Progressives. Progressives want to protect the group. Formula One teams do what a proper government should do, protect the individual and leave them alone.  

The latest “Rules” require expensive Environmental Systems to be added to the cars. The cars work better because the Capitalists keep exploiting the rules to make faster cars. The Left forced loads of unnecessary and expensive additions which increased the energy to make the additional devices. Better results would be achieved by letting the Rules Of Nature handle the builders and drivers.

Engine size was 4.5 Liters in 1950. Today it’s 1.5 liters, less than the size of a 2 liter bottle of soda. So the cars go slower, the race isn’t as exciting but the cost of an engine has gone from $10,000 in 1960 to $12 million today because of the Big Rule Mentality of the leaders. The defunct Soviet Union would be proud of the Rulemakers. The first race of 2014 was held in Melborne, Australia and was won by Mercedes. If the rules of the market were in effect the speeds would have been higher; the race would have ended sooner and tickets could have been $50, not $1,000. Isn’t it ironic that the poor always get hurt under Socialism?

The First race

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