Music can solve the problems of the world. Check out Pedro Eustache playing “Instruments”. (Here). He’s been called “The United Nations Of Music”. His abilities are rare. His music is universal, -understood by billions of very different people. So is American Military presence. President Reagan knew that. President Obama doesn’t and will never accept it so long as there is an America he can embarrass. That’s been his signature achievement for six years and he won’t stop now. After his Presidency he will continue to harp on America’s alleged flaws from his un-American experiences.

The idea that music can solve the problems of the world or even of Ukraine/Crimea where two armies are assembling may seem trivial by comparison to all the states and leaders involved but consider this. Pedro Eustache plays instruments from all over the world. Crimea needs to be solved otherwise the dogs of war will be unleashed, although the world won’t step in to stop Putin just yet.

Crimean’s can live with Crimean’s. That’s a given. Can Crimean’s live with other cultures? Yes, they do it now. The Crimea is home to Ukrainians and Russians. Does the music of Pedro Eustache appeal to every culture? Sure. Maybe some cultures have different music but everyone “speaks music” Everyone understands music. Everyone likes music because there’s something about musical sound waves that’s appealing. Even the music of a single instrument has an appeal to the feelings, brain and emotions of each individual.

 The “International Music” of Pedro Eustache is universal, a universal attribute each person has. Music unites tens of thousands of very different individuals at an outdoor concert. Music is in our essential characteristics. Music can calm the savage beast meaning people respond to music even when they are extremely agitated.  

Having been to 92 countries I know from thousands of experiences worldwide that different people can live together in peace and comfort. Individuals can thrive in different cultures.  Can does not mean will. People develop problems in just about all relationships. Some marriages end in divorce; siblings often battle each other; contracts are cancelled; people hurt each other by saying things that aren’t true or by saying things that are true but damage someone’s reputation. People commit crimes.  Nations go to war. The list of the ways people hurt each other is seemingly endless but what about the good things people do to each other? Those actions count and there are far more things people do to help themselves and to  benefit each other than the things people do against each other.

A concert in Sevastopol would easily show Crimean’s how to get along with each other. United over the agreeable and the disagreeable will be less important. Music is preferable to war. Imagine.

Maybe music should be called the John Lennon Solution To War. Why Not?

But perhaps the solution to the Russian Occupation of Crimea, Ukraine, is to use the Military to threaten and oppose Putin. America should arm the Ukrainians in Kiev, put the missiles back into Poland and send troops to protect Ukraine’s borders.  

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