Vlad The Destroyer of Obama has struck again, this time in little Crimea. It will be the 144th smallest country by size. It’s smaller than Massachusetts and larger than Vermont. Russia is the largest country. Adding Crimea is of no consequence to Russia but it’s a big deal to the West and Ukraine. The right thing to do would be to keep Crimea with Ukraine but there is no will to do that except possibly for Ukraine and Ukraine has no military to go against Russia unless the West gets behind the idea. Consequently Vlad can roll in more tanks with no opposition, especially from President Obama.

Obama’s foreign policy failures continue with Crimea going to Russia. Vlad seems to have no respect for Obama but of course foreign policy is about a lot of issues and people. Obama, Hillary and Kerry seem stunned by Putin. The West will treat Crimea as they treated Czechoslovakia when Hitler captured it. In the interest of self determination Crimeans are being asked to vote up or down to join Russia. What about joining America? Or Germany?

The reality of Crimea is a success for Putin; Russia and the Russians in Crimea. For everyone else it’s a disaster. The non-Russians in Crimea will have to leave later if not sooner.  

Russia doesn’t need Crimea to access the Black Sea. Russia has three ports there,  NOVOROSSIYSK is one of the largest ports in Russia. Tuapse and Taganrog are also open to the Black Sea.

Using “The Putin Doctrine” would provide Obama the means to annex Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and loads of other countries in the Western Hemisphere but ufortunately America has a jelly-back for a President when America needs some steel. those are not American objectives but Putin may annex then next and what cah Obama and toe West do if he decides to do that?

What’s next for Putin? Perhaps half of Ukraine, the half where there are Russian speaking people. What will the West do?

Oh well.

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