As Secretary of State her record is one of perfect failure. Ukraine in a current example, followed by Benghazi, Syria, Iran, Libya overall, Egypt, Venezuela and even Canada, a neighbor she insulted because of her inability to be a diplomat, her tone-deaf ineptness as a leader. Hillary is a responder, not a leader. She may want to stand by her man but that’s no reason to elect her president.

Hillary was a crude First Lady, an embarrassment on the world stage. She’s always been a disheveled, hippie, anti-establishment protestor, never a leader. After years with one of the best politicians on the planet she shows she just doesn’t have the right stuff. Four years of Secretary of State and the relationships with all other countries has deteriorated. New York Senator without accomplishment. All motion no progress.

President Obama made things worse. He replaced her with one of the most confused people in government, John Traitor Kerry

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