Northampton’s Municipal Authority bought Chinese made Solar Panels for $193,000 and thereby shipped the labor to make the panels out of America. Harrisburg joined in the outsourcing by paying for some of the expensive panels and so did Washington D.C. How does buying Chinese Solar Panels help America? It doesn’t. It makes more jobs for the Chinese, eliminates American jobs and forces Americans to pay for the Chinese jobs. This is four levels of dumb.

There’s a multiplier effect working. Say America and China each have 100 jobs, 200 jobs total. No difference in the number of jobs in China and America. After the sale where Northampton buys the Solar Panels China gains 10 jobs but America could have had 10 more jobs so America lost 10 jobs. China made the Solar Panels. Chinese jobs go to 110 and American gets no additional jobs.

The ore to make the solar panel crystals was mined in China instead of America. the crystals were made in Chinese factories. The panels were assembled by sheet metal workers in China. Chinese carpenters made the shipping crates that were packed by Chinese shippers. these are union jobs that were sent to China by the dumb decisions of Northampton township so it’s clear that  Northampton shipped union jobs to China.

The seller is a distributor of Chinese Solar Panels who substituted Chinese panels after promising to use American Made Solar Panels.

Every union member in America should picket and demonstrate at the Northampton Township building when the Supervisors meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Then Harrisburg paid China for the Chinese jobs. Washington paid China too. So the American people have to pay for the panels in Northampton, pay for part of the subsidy from Harrisburg and pay for part of the subsidy from Washington. Everything about the deal is against American jobs and Americans have to pay China for the Chinese jobs.

The Solar Panel Project is a bad deal for America.

It should be disassembled and the money returned to the people. the State representative and the State Senator should lead the effort to stop this American job destroying project. So should our Congressman and our two State Senators. This is stupid government activity up with which we should not put.


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