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Month: October 2016

Hillary, Jekyll & Hyde

In a reincarnation of the Robert Louis Stevenson story about a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next. The main character could be Hillary who has one position in private and a different...

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What Good Is Trump?

He doesn’t play by the usual politicians rules. He’s on his own. Why is that good? Because most people know the game has been rigged by the politicians so the friends of the politicians get elected. That’s why...

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Random Stuff to Think about

ARE YOU “THE PROBLEM”? “If America is destroyed, it may be by Americans who salute the flag, sing the national anthem, march in patriotic parades, cheer Fourth of July speakers – normally good Americans, but Americans who fail to comprehend what is required to keep our country strong and free, Americans who have been lulled away into a false security.”

— Ezra Taft Benson