In a reincarnation of the Robert Louis Stevenson story about a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next. The main character could be Hillary who has one position in private and a different position in public. Two moral codes, Good or Evil in one mixed-up character.

Hillary’s two faces are different than Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll represents good while Hyde represents evil. YHillary however is two faces of evil. Bad and worse, not good or bad. Hillary is not a unique human phenomenon. Tyrants and dictators also have the bad/worse character split. you can tell a lot about a man by what he thinks about Hillary, maybe even everything. She’s not just another presidential candidate, she’s a sophisticated diagnostic instrument for calibrating male anxiety, which is running high.
Hillary’s a self-righteous, self-regarding narcissist, “a case study in what psychiatrists call ‘the controlling personality,” and assumes the world will share her conviction that she’s always blameless. Weird, right?

Hillary’s natural disposition is: dark, sour, and conspiratorial; she has a paranoid mind, a combative style, is thin-skinned, and “prone to angry outbursts.” Hillary has “a prehensile nature,” which makes it sound like she hangs from branches by her feet.

Hillary went to a college with a long tradition of lesbianism (Wellesley), where she read lots of lesbian literature, and two of her college friends would later become out-of-the-closet lesbians. Some of her Wellesley classmates were invited for “sleepovers” to the White House?

In college, her role models were feminists who refused to wear pretty clothes, and sometimes appeared mannish; her White House Chief of Staff was also mannish looking. Though according to Klein, Hillary never much liked sex to begin with. Sounding like a Monty Python rendition of a Freudian analyst, Klein speculates about a fight Hillary once had with a college boyfriend about not wanting to go skiing; skiing, says Klein, “might have been a substitute for an honest discussion about her sexual frigidity.” The episode ended with Hillary retreating into “icy silence.” He also quotes Richard Nixon, of all people, who says that Hillary is “ice cold.”
Hillary’s described as a deformed woman, a sadist, a victim, asexual, a dyke—maybe all at once.
In the book, Cricis of Character, author Gary Byrne describes her as “distant, cold, dishonest, and a habitual liar.” When asked about this, he told American Thinker, “Americans need to know that Mrs. Clinton is not a leader. She displays a holier-than-thou attitude, ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ When I heard her say Bill Clinton would work with her on the economy, my first thoughts, ‘what steps will she take to protect young women working at the White House from him?’ Her pattern is deflection, deception, and lies.”
“Crisis of Character offers insight into the personality of Hillary Clinton. It confirms what people have seen regarding how she has conducted her professional life. It becomes obvious that her temperament of ignorance, hypocrisy, and the poor choices she has made are reasons why she should never be elected president. She should never be elected again. She deserves to be prosecuted.

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