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Month: June 2013

9/11 FACTS

Timeline: (From the 9/11 Commission Report) Four flights: Two from Boston, one from Newark and one from Dulles, Washington, DC. American Airlines 11 Boston to L.A. Left 7:59 AM. Crashed into WTC.1, the North Tower at 8:46 AM...

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The Freedom Loophole

Guns must be 100% controlled because anything less allows some people to escape Government Oppression. If any citizen can defend themselves they may decide to defend themselves against oppression and the government will be in...

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Let There Be Light…..

…on the soccer field at Northampton Township Municipal Park where lights have been on for years. At the June BOS meeting  Art Freidman, a former Supervisor and friend of Supervisor Komolasky and who thinks the Park is...

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