A slave must be enslaved 100% of the time. When a slave finds a way to be free say 5 percent (5%) of the time it means he found a way around slavery. That’s a “Slavery Loophole” and it has to be stopped for the good of slavery.

So too with guns. All government’s including the Government of America know GUNS MUST BE 100% CONTROLLED. Total Control. If a citizen finds a loophole to get a gun it must be stopped for the safety of the people. So slaves like Sarah Brady found a loophole in the slavery laws and they want it closed. They call it “The Gun Show Loophole” and they tricked Congress, the President, the media and the government controlled citizens into closing it. Sarah is cunning. She knows she can’t ban guns so she figured out how to get the slaves to do the job for her. She invented a mendacious term, “Gun Show Loophole” and it works beautifully except with a few smart people who know it’s a trick to close The Slavery Loophole.

The best way to control slaves is to get them to control themselves. Sarah Brady uses that to get citizens to improve their slave status by giving up their ability to be free. It’s like keeping yourself captured by never leaving the unlocked jail cell. Self-Slavery is more efficient than enforced slavery. Government knows that so it makes it easier to surrender than to resist. Most citizens are so well controlled that they are calling for more slave laws to keep themselves enslaved. If you doubt that notice how many people call for more restrictions against the Right to Keep Bare Arms. (Sic.)

A lost culture cannot find itself. The former Soviet Union built the Iron Curtain. The American Government is more efficient. It created an Iron Curtain in people’s minds so they enslave themselves and it works to control America 100%. What should be done about the Gun Show Loophole. Simple. Destroy government gun control.

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