…on the soccer field at Northampton Township Municipal Park where lights have been on for years. At the June BOS meeting  Art Freidman, a former Supervisor and friend of Supervisor Komolasky and who thinks the Park is “His backyard” doesn’t want any more lights than the 50 or so that are there already. Freidman led a coterie  who pitched the Board of Supervisors that there was some kind of firm agreement that there would never be lights but he didn’t remember the specific agreement that promised that and he also failed to remember that the Board of Supervisors approved lights years ago.  Lone dissenting Supervisor Komolasky voted against the kids and said a few times; “Promises Made – Promises Kept” but he had no specific info about the agreement either. More chimerical meanderings from the worst political opponent against whom I ran.

Here’s the result of a recent survey. The park has more than 4 dozen light poles and some poles have multiple lights. Some poles are over 40 feet high. The “Promises” were broken during the years Komolasky was the chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

C’mon Komolasky. You can keep the voters in the dark but you should vote for lights for our kids so they can practice on one little acre in the 120 acre backyard of your former supervisor promise-breaker buddy.

The volunteer coaches said they would pay for the temporary lights that would be rented for three months this fall.    

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