At the moment with 94% (999,909)  votes counted, McCormick is ahead of Oz by 2,512 votes which is .25%… That’s one quarter of one percent. Oz received 357,834 votes to 360,346 by McCormick. There are 63824 votes remaining to be counted. Oz will get 19,849 for a total of 377,683 and McCormick will get 19,977 for a total of 380,323 and McCormick will win by 2,640… That’s a margin of only .25% which is too small of a margin not to recount the votes. Barnette will wind up with 305,727, a more than respectable number and a shock to the establishment.


Wait! At 12:21 AM a new count shows everything is screwed up. McCormick is still in the lead by only 736 votes out of 1.2 million so it’s too close to call.  Oz and McCormick both have 31.2%…

At 1:35 with 95% of the vote counted and 1,307,876 votes, Oz has 31.3% and McCormick has 31.1% a lead for Oz of 1.149 votes.  At 1:40 Oz is ahead by 2,140 votes. At 1:44 it’s Oz by 2,840. At 2:04 it’s 2,672

A recount must be authorized by the courts so that’s where the McCormack/Oz election will finally be decided.

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