How disrespectful can one man get when he says at a public meeting, “This Is My Time”.

A township supervisor meeting is a public event. It belongs to those who paid for it, viz., the people. When an Insider Republican interrupts  supervisor Frank Rothermel in mid-sentence and recites his nonsense that this is My Time, he should be asked: “Are you the public?” If he fibs, as they are prone to do and answers “Yes” he should be asked: “How come there is only one of you”?

If a Republican shill uses a mocking tone and presents contemptuous remarks with sneering smirks and a curled lip to try to concretize his insulting, disrespectful attitude towards the entire community, well, no one need endure that kind of public insult.

But perhaps the worst is yet another Komelasky – Silver acolyte, a Republican Committeeman who hides his  political agenda and mocks those less fortunate then himself by using low-life language while insisting it’s his time. How silly. The Courier reported that disrespectful political behavior so the public learned how awful some people are at public meetings. 

These Political Halloween Characters should sit down and listen as better people work for Northampton instead of for these intellectually stunted paraphilic infantiles who should leave politics and get back to their sandbox. Be grateful you are better than them.

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