At the Sept. Board of Supervisors meeting we witnessed ex-sewer director Don George claim that when someone on the board said “Kill the *****” they were referring to him. He wanted to play what he called a death threat at a public meeting. Supervisor Dr. Kim Rose told him not to play anything with bad language so he went into the backroom with one or perhaps two of the people who, he claimed, had said “Kill the *****”, the comment that had caused him to “fear for my life”.

To recap: he said his life was threatened and he went into a meeting with the alleged assassin or assassins.  That makes him an accomplice if he was assassinated, right? It’s called “Suicide by Supervisor”.

We think either:

1.  he was in fear for his life or

2. he was being politically theatrical so he was not afraid. 

If he wasn’t afraid why did he say he was?

If he was afraid why did he go into a small room with his assassin(s)?

The reasonable conclusion is: of course he wasn’t afraid. So what should we make of the police report he filed? Did he knowingly file a false police report? If he believed what he said, why did he meet with the assassins? See the problems? there are a few more.

Why didn’t he immediately go across the street to the Police Station and report the alleged death threat?

Why did he return to the scene and speak at the microphone and publicize the alleged assassination instead of actually doing something about it? Think in terms of yourself if you were threatened. Would you do the things he did if you were in fear for your life? Would you face the assassin? Or would you call the police to get protection? You would call the police. That’s how reasonable people act but not George. He headed straight for the camera’s.

Perhaps he will explain his thoughts and actions at the next Board of Supervisors meeting. The Courier reported he caused both the Northampton Police and The Bucks County District Attorney to investigate his fears so they should want to hear his explanations too. 

But Don George said: “I fear for my life” at the August Municipal Authority meeting too and during or after several assaults, two of which involved me. This is an old type of political theatre for him. He’s showing how desperate the Northampton Republicans have become to win an election with poor candidates.

That’s another connected problem. Why don’t the Northampton Republican Committee move away from this guy? Why don’t they denounce him and disown his behavior on their behalf? the answer can only be they support him, his tactics and his odd behaviors. The Northampton GOP is seriously out of touch with reality which is part of why the Northampton GOP Insiders lost power in the first place    


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