Mark Twain famously and wrongly said: “Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out.” In my case I spent some time going to Villanova during the day and a lot of time going at night where the education I received was absolutely first class / top notch. But…. The problem with college is the enormous cost which is out of proportion to the job done. When a class of say 50 people pay  $50,290, the current annual tuition cost at Villanova to take 10 courses.. $5,029 per person per course for a 45 minute class twice a week for 15 weeks, means the college collects $11,000 per class for the work of one teacher who spends 45 minutes talking. College is simply far too expensive. Say it again and again and again: “College Is Far Too Expensive”. A friend who has passed away figured out a way to easily beat the system. He simply said he went to a famous university. No one ever checked. He got away with the benefits of a great college degree with no cost at all to himself, .. except perhaps his integrity… But he had very little integrity so it didn’t matter one iota that he simply lied about his college experience.. He received all the benefits of a college degree with none of the cost.

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