The Courier Times published a report about Tony Albano who should resign from the Water and Sewer Authority, (a group I have referred to as the Republican Majority Sewage Board because of their disgraceful conduct), but Albano who has been the Chairman for far too long for a political hack of an appointment, has outdone even himself by stealing the private e-mail list of the township employees and sending around a cheap political letter.

Stealing is a crime and this is certainly stealing but it’s more than that.

Theft of a private email list is a violation of the honor people owe to each other. Sewage Board Chairman Albano did that. Theft is a civil tort and some stealing is a crime. In this case, the stealing of personal e-mails and sending a political letter had an underlying threat. Vote Republican or you might be fired.

Stealing is a crime. To use a private e-mail to send  a cheap politicians message is very bad judgment in addition to the tawdriness of the act. Albano showed a massive breach of the public trust. He used privileged information  to send Vince Deon’s Courier Times guest opinion as though it was holy writ. Anyone who knows Vince knows that’s the last thing anything he writes could be.

For stealing to be a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the type of theft and the value of what was stolen.  

So what’s the minimum value of private information about a police officer? That’s what the Chairman of the Board of the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority stole. He apologized for hitting the wrong key. What about apologizing to the families of the Northampton Police officers for putting their police officer in danger from some revenge minded thug? How dangerous is a convicted felon? Stealing the identity of a police officer can be fatal. So what’s the value of the life of a police officer? That’s incalculable. The life of a single police officer must not be put in danger. There’s no minimum amount of danger nor a maximum amount of money that would satisfy me.

What’s the value of the lives of the Northampton Police Department? It’s impossible to put a high enough price on one life let alone the value of our entire police department which was put at risk by the irresponsible actions of Albano. He should resign but of course he hasn’t done that despite my two year campaign.

Perhaps every union employee should at least send an e-mail to Albano expressing their outrage with a copy to the Bucks County District Attorney who could add up the amount of money each police man and woman represents so he can decide whether this is a misdemeanor or a felony.

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