Act like an idiot. If the Democrats can be convinced not to vote and somehow a Republican wins a supervisor seat more idiots will be needed to help ruin the township.  

Over the years the Northampton GOP became corrupt. One example is the insider deals including for example a supervisor who reminded contributors how well they do with Northampton Republicans in power. He lost his committee position when that hit the newspapers.

More examples of the treachery of the Northampton GOP have been revealed. The Sunshine act is easily violated as can be seen from the recent solar panel deal at the Sewage authority. The sunshine act allows two big exceptions for secret meetings. The sewage board took advantage of the loopholes and had a secret meeting where they got their stories together about the “Benefits” of “Free Solar Electricity”. As a result the Republican Majority on the sewage board voted to give a $190,050.00 contract to the Republican Candidate for Supervisor. Is that an illicit contract? “Free”? 190 thousand bucks to a comsumer who uses %$7,500 worth of electric a year? Divide $190,000.00 by $7,500.00. It takes 25 years to break even but the solar panels are guaranteed to last 25 years. No extra money until a year longer then the panels are guaranteed to last. the project does not generate enough saving to save one dollar and that took a secret meeting to find out? Well, no. The Sewage Board never found out. I did and they refuse to admit I am correct. That must mean they cannot divide $190,000.00 by $7,500. Don’t be surprised. They are really that ignorant.

So the Republicans want to get back in power to continue with their backroom dealings. They will need to replace three Sewage Board Members. One of the ex-sewage boarders wants his job back so bad he’s trying to fool people with outrageous claims like he made while in power. He’s proud of the debacles he caused as a Sewage guy. He knew about the “Contaminated Public Water Supply”. He talked and wrote about it for almost two years. It was false. It was so false the Northampton GOP that is usually so tolerant of insider corruption, (they went along with the insurance scheme for years), they were too embarrassed so they removed the false claims and the bragging letter from the Sewage guy from the Northampton GOP website.

But they not only tolerate him, they urge him on. And he needs a job. The rumor mill is working overtime to find him a job but the best way to continue the anti-corruption program in Northampton is to vote for two supervisors untouched by the scandals. That’s Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.  I call them two good guys.

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