The fire at the Dietz and Watson warehouse, a fire that raged on because the roof was covered with electricity from light sensitive electricity generating solar panels is causing State Legislators to get involved with protecting people from the dangers of solar panels.

Solar panels are dangerous because electricity is dangerous. A large solar panel array was installed at the Northampton Sewer building, (Yes, it’s the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority, aka. NBCMA but the Republican Majority are bad managers so I call it the sewer board) recently made a suspicious deal that committed the sewer board to a $190,050.00 deal that installed a huge solar panel array at ground level. Keeping the danger of  lots of electricity at ground level in mind as well as the concern of the Legislators to write new legislation that will keep the people safe from the dangers of electrocution, the township needs to craft some regulations. Townships write ordinances so this is a proposal for Northampton Township to get ahead of the curve and write some Solar Panel Ordinances.  



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