“There is a feeling, there is a tension, there is an electricity in the air that something is up. There is a feeling that a great deal is happening below the surface for which we can’t see, but can feel.  To paraphrase Stephen Stills in his 1966 song classic; there is something happening here in America today, what it is I’m not clear.  There is a government with guns and jails over there.  And millions of citizens with guns and ammo over here.  (Biden is the one who brought up civil war, Biden)  Everybody needs to stop and look around to see what’s going down.  The “battle lines are being drawn” and “step out of line, the men come and take you away.”  Stills’ foreshadowing classic still resonates and relates especially today.  Maybe today more than in about 50 years.  As human nature and the lust for complete  power does not change, history thus repeats itself, again and again.  What is happening now, we’re just not clear.  But be sure to look around, because most assuredly, something is happening now.  For What It’s Worth.

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