Eric Dyson hates Trump and white people. Michael Eric Dyson 2021 (cropped).jpg

“I agree with brother Tim [Miller of The Bulwark] in speaking about, you know, the maggots — I’m sorry, the MAGA,” Dyson said. “That is so corrosive in this, you know, political moment.”

“Can I tell you, Nicolle, that as a black person, as a black intellectual, as a black person with a PhD from Princeton University who’s taught at several Ivy League schools, isn’t it interesting before black and brown and minoritized and racialized groups could get in, before women could get in, those were the gold standards, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Vanderbilt, University of North Carolina, and on and on,” Dyson said. “And when we get in, all of a sudden it becomes the bete noire, it becomes a benchmark of being a sellout.”

“So you tell us we’re too dumb to get in. And then when we get in, you tell us we’re too much of an egghead to identify with the common people. I’m confused. Which one is it?” he railed.

Dyson also addressed what Critical Race Theory is actually all about. If you go into these ivory tower universities, it is exactly what they will tell you about CRT.

“All critical race theory is saying is that it’s not about individual acts of bigotry or bias or racism, it is a systemic and institutional network that should be somehow discerned and dismantled,” he said. “Let’s not point the finger at individual white brothers and sisters and say, aha, we caught you. Let’s look at a system that produces and reproduces the pathology of bigotry.”

It is not about individual responsibility, you see. It is not about not being personally bigoted. It is about giving the radical left power to turn the entire system upside down and recreate it as the power-hungry progressives see fit.

CRT is about the state controlling all social relations in the name of “Equity.” Climate Change is about the state controlling energy supplies and “the environment.” Gun control is only about disarming people who might resist the state. When it comes to the radical left, the “issue is not the issue.”

Sane people better wise up to this guys con game before it’s too late.

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