“….prove to the local Republican Party that deception, high handedness and name calling no longer work here in Northampton.” (Barbara Bucknum’s Letter in The Courier.

Check the video replay of recent Supervisor meetings for some examples of the name calling by the Insider Northampton Republicans. Watch as ex-Republican Supervisors spin and twirl issues. For example, nine Republican Supervisors did several dirty real estate deals but they blame the three Democrats for them.

One of the worst set of deceptions, the lies, was the eighteen month contaminated water lie by the Sewer Board majority aided by current and ex-Republican Sewer Board Members; their engineering and lawyers and several Republican Committee people. members not cleaning them up.

High handedness? Look at the seating arrangement at a supervisor meeting. Neither one of the two Republican supervisors sit where they are supposed to sit. What, you say? Who decides where people should sit? George Komelasky, Vince Deon and Art Freidman did for the first four years of the six year terms of Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham. But High-handed Komolasky and Silver refused to follor the seating trules. They decided to sit together after prohibiting the two Democrats from sitting together for four years. That’s how small Komelasky and Silver act.

Eileen ‘Screechy’ Silver, aptly named because of her constant interruptions of the supervisor meetings. That’s her way but it’s the wrong way. People should follow the rules. Eileen refuses to follow the rules and just blurts and wheezes her comments because the three Democrats believe, correctly that Screechy is destroying the Republicans by not following the rules.

Deception? The Republicans have operated anonymous websites for the past five years. They even posted my name on one of their letters but I didn’t write the letter. They just used my name. They are protected from discovery by the rules of the Internet which favors anonymity as a way to avoid physical confrontation. In the case of the Northampton Republicans they are correct. Just look at the number of physical assaults on different people by Republican thugs and think how much worse it would be if the police were involved in every Republican lie.

Just as Barbara Bucknum knows the Northampton Republicans deserted Republican principles, so do I and so do most Northampton citizens. The Deceptive, High Handed Republicans should resign. 

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