A party I no longer recognize  is the title of  a letter written by Barbara Bucknum that appeared on the website of the Courier Times, You can read it here.                       

Barbara wrote:

     “As tax collector for Northampton Township for the last 16 years, I have done all in my power to serve the residents of the township with respect and professionalism.

       I was dismayed to read the Aug. 25th letter that was full of misinformation. Let me set the record straight: I am in good health. I have no personal problems. And I want to retain my job. In fact, my letter of interest for the job was received by the local Republican Party before anyone else.                 

I can only guess as to the reasons why my party refused to support me for the job.

• If it was my age, then shame on them.

• If it was my independence and desire to serve the people rather than partisan interests, then shame on them.

• If they want to make this about my health or ability to do the job, then shame on them.

When approached by the Democratic Party to run on their ticket, there was no deal. In fact, they understood that I was a registered Republican and that I had no plan or desire to switch parties. Their approach to me was very simple: You have served this community for years and you are the most qualified person to hold the job.

They pointed out to me that since they became the majority party in the township they have nominated and voted for an equal number of Democrats and Republican residents to township boards. I checked and they were correct in that statement.

They pointed out that they were fiscal conservatives who have never voted for a tax increase and that they have cut the township debt by almost 50 percent. I checked and they were correct in those statements also.

I am a proud Republican and I am not leaving my party even though the local party has left me. They left me, in philosophy and by their actions, through the financial mismanagement they condoned until Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and Dr. Kimberly Rose came to office and began to expose them.

My local party has moved so far from my principles that I don’t even recognize it anymore. We need a strong two-party system in Northampton in order to guarantee that our citizens never again get taken advantage of or taken for granted. My hope is that success in the upcoming November election by Rothermel, Cunningham and me will finally prove to the local Republican Party that deception, high handedness and name calling no longer work here in Northampton. My hope is that this will be the year that local Republicans take the first step to taking our party back by letting the party bosses know that it is no longer business as usual in the Northampton Township Republican Party.

Barbara Bucknum

Northampton Township tax collector”

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