Let’s be clear. The police have guns. The black Obamas should know that and instead of blaming white people for the mis-behaviors of black people, he needs to get his mentation informed about mis-behaving people. A man was shot by police as he attempted to get away and was shot instead of being tased by an officer who made a mistake. People make mistakes and police are people. Remember that during an encounter with police. Hope the Obama’s do.

Minneapolis police officer Kimberly Potter, who accidentally shot suspect Daunte Wright while he was trying to escape the scene of a detention, will face manslaughter charges.

“The white Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, after appearing to mistake her handgun for her Taser will be charged with second-degree manslaughter on Wednesday, a prosecutor said, following three nights of protests over the killing,” the New York Times reported.

“The top prosecutor in Washington County, said in an email to The New York Times on Wednesday that the complaint would be filed later on Wednesday,” the report continued.

“Ms. Potter, 48, had served on the force for 26 years and was training other officers when they pulled Mr. Wright’s car over on Sunday afternoon, saying he had an expired registration on his car and something hanging from his rearview mirror,” the Times added. “When officers discovered that Mr. Wright had a warrant out for his arrest and tried to arrest him, he twisted away and got back into his car.”

The news media have propagated the lie that Wright was only wanted for hanging an air freshener in his car. The truth is he was wanted for an outstanding warrant for failing to register a firearm, as well as more serious crimes.

Daunte Wright also had an open warrant for his arrest related to an aggravated armed robbery attempt, according to court records obtained by Fox News.

“Wright and another man, identified as Emajay Maurice Driver, a high school acquaintance, had both been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in a December 2019 incident in Osseso, Minnesota, Hennepin County District Court documents show,” Fox News reported. Wright allegedly choked a woman “while trying to pull the cash out from under her bra, where she had tucked it away,” the report said.

In her resignation letter, Kim Potter wrote “I have loved every minute of being a police officer” and went on to write it’s “in the best interest of the community, the department and fellow officers that I resign.” She will now face manslaughter charges.

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