Capitalism destroys inefficient businesses and corporations by not buying the inferior or outdated products. Socialism keeps inefficient products in production. Solyndra is a great example of the inefficiency of a government giving millions of tax dollars to an inefficient corporation that made an inefficient product, solar panels that few people wanted to buy. As soon as Obama gave Solyndra $535 million in loan guarantees the company owners took the money as liquidated damages and closed the company. The Federal Government paid the banks who loaned the money to Solyndra the $538 million. It was a dead loss for the taxpayers. The amount of the loss because of Solyndra and Obama was $538 million.

How does that kill people? One way is to realize that the money was taken from people who had it so they could never spend it. If they needed medicine they didn’t have the money Obama gave to Solyndra.

Suppose a senior citizen with $50,000 in the bank suddenly found it was all gone. What would happen? Perhaps they wouldn’t die but perhaps they would. It’s a shock to lose one’s life savings. It’s worse if someone is 75 years old with no hope to replace the money. People die from being shocked by a sudden loss.

One problem with Socialism is the failure to account for the things people could not buy because of the money they had to give to the government. The government never accounts for the money that was taken. It always accounts for the benefits but never for the costs to the people who no longer have their money. It’s a trickle-up theory; that millions of small transactions don’t have to be considered, only the large amount and the great good supposedly done with the money. But there’s never any alternative use of the money. The people from whom the money was taken never know what they could have bought with it.

Government knows people like to see the large things government buys with tax money. Take the Ben Franklin Bridge between Philly and Camden. The people see the bridge. they know government paid to build it. What they cannot see is the millions of nickels and dimes taken by government from everyone to build the bridge.

Never having sufficient money means people don’t have a savings account. No savings puts lives at risk because money is needed to buy food, medicine and lodging. Living on a lesser or lower level is dangerous to one’s health. those things slowly kill people.

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