Perhaps you know this already but there are people who cannot support themselves. They need others to support them but they cannot support the others. No way. Cannot. Can’t be done. They have insufficient abilities to support anyone including themselves. They are convinced it’s not their fault they are unable. It’s someone else’s fault so it’s perfect justice to take from everyone else what they need. From each according to their ability but what about those with little or no ability? What can be given by them? Unable to afford a big TV how can they get one? Other people have big TV’s, why don’t they? Are they so different from other people they they cannot have a big TV? The answer is clear. They go to the local store and take their TV along with a cart to carry it home.

The reason America has to support rioters and looters is because the rioters and looters don’t have the abilities needed to support themselves and it’s no

t too expensive for the rest of America to support them.

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