How crazy are the pollsters and forecasters who predict a win for Joe Biden.. If that happens.. NO!  That Can’t Happen!! That’s like forecasting gravity is over.. That cannot be.. Gravity isn’t over. If Biden wins… How can that happen? Trump has had massive attendance at rallies.. Trump has enthusiastic, cheering crowds. Biden has 20 people show up. How can that be false? It isn’t false. There are plenty of ways Biden can win but none of them seen real. There are plenty of ways Trump can lose but they don’t seem real either. Maybe it’s confirmation bias. Maybe it’s an inverted universe. Maybe not. Trump has this in the bag. Trump will win four more years because he’s been so successful being president. Look at The Middle East. Peace.. Look at Israel…. Peace.. Look at Korea…Peace…. Russia.. Putin… Nothing going on. Peace all over. The huge crowds that show up to cheer on president Trump cannot mean Biden will win. Going on crowd size alone the election will be a big, big win for president Trump..

Consider this: “The 2016 election exposed a real disconnect between the Washington media and much of the country,” author and Hill opinion contributor Daniel Allott said. “Very few journalists predicted Donald Trump’s rise or his election victory, and it didn’t seem like enough reporters were interested in really getting to know who his supporters were.”

What I heard over and over again, was that ‘Trump listened to us,’ especially in rural places. ‘He listened to what our concerns are, he didn’t talk down to us,’” he said. “‘He prioritized what our priorities are,’ and that bond, he really created a bond of good will and trust with much of middle America and I think it’s still there.”

Allot argued that if the news media wants to have a better grasp on the state of the electorate and potential outcomes of the election, then they must reach out to individuals who possess different cultural experiences who could provide more context.

“If you’re an outlet that wants to speak for the entire country and report for the entire country, maybe hire people who have lived in or grown up in other areas of the country,” he said.

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