A lot of intellectuals want to eat their cake and keep it un-eaten.. Can’t be done.. Critical Race Theory condemns white people while believing everyone is equal.. Either White people are superior or they are equal but if they aren’t brown or black how can they be equal? They must be different but as soon as the Left says that they lose their argument that people are the same. Critical Race Theory has to be correct and wrong simultaneously which is impossible. Either race is real and people of different races have different characteristics or there is no such thing as race and people are the same.. Part of the problem for CRT is keeping hate against white people down so the whites are safe while making certain that white people are condemned because they do better than other races. That’s what’s wrong with CRT…It’s racist from the get-go. That’s why president Trump has outlawed it in the part of the government for which he’s responsible. The problem is the media, the professors and the entertainers, .. in short The Liberals simply adore CRT. Now that president Trump has condemned CRT the Liberals want it more than ever. It’s a great way to keep white people in their place even though white people will do what they’ve always done.

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